Why does my upper back hurt?

Upper back injuries, though not as common as injuries to the lower back and neck, can be painful and bothersome. There are a few different causes for upper back pain, and though rare, it can be caused by a disc herniation. Even when a herniation occurs, symptoms are not always present.

Other back pain can simulate a herniated disc, but is caused by facet joint inflammation or irritation. Most upper back pain is caused by muscle irritation, however.

How Posture and Joint Stress Can Cause Upper Back Pain

Many important muscles tied to posture are found in the upper back. Most notably are the muscles that assist in shoulder stabilization. These muscles also support the head and neck and are anchored to the spine. When posture is poor, compression on the joints between each vertebra of the spine can leave them irritated, stressed, and strained.

Pain can also be caused by the rib bones, which are connected to the spine. Stress on these joints can cause a sharp, stabbing pain, which can make it difficult to breathe or lay down. Regardless of the pain, a correct diagnosis is critical to curing your ailments. Once a proper diagnosis is given, a specialist can provide an adjustment to your spine to relieve tension. Chiropractic adjustments can take pressure off joints, realigning them into the proper position.

Joint Alignment

Once joints are realigned into their proper position, healing can begin. Relief can take place immediately and dramatically. Other times, relief may take a few days to kick in. Regardless, know that an adjustment always initiates the healing process. In addition to realignments, muscles can be massaged to further reduce pain.

To ensure upper back pain does not return due to weak postural muscles, exercise and regular stretching are recommended to help support your spine to provide proper spinal alignment in the long term. Talk with us if you have questions, and see how we can help you alleviate your back pain with proper adjustments and advice.

If you have questions about upper back pain, please contact us! We’re happy to help.

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