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Our patients love Dr. Purtiman and Purtiman Chiropractic! These Arizona chiropractor reviews and testimonials speak for themselves. Find out why our patients agree that Dr. Purtiman is the best Chiropractor in Arizona!

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Our patients were so impressed with their care at Purtiman, they agreed to record their testimonials. Here are their honest reviews, helping to spread the word on the wonderful, friendly chiropractic care they received with Dr. Purtiman. Click on a video and find out for yourself!

Kelly: “My neck, my back, and my hip.”

My name is Kelly.  I have been coming to see Dr. Purtiman, off and on, for about 5 years now.

I’ve had several injuries which he has helped me with. Including my neck, my back and my hip — causing excruciating amounts of pain. When medical doctors told me they could just give me drugs, I came to seek Chiropractic care and Dr. Purtiman was able to help me without any medications whatsoever with natural healing and adjustments.

It was one of the best decisions I have made and I thoroughly thank him for his help.

Nick: “Struggling with sciatica.”

My name is Nick. I spent about three or four years with back pain, and struggled with sciatica. I traveled quite a bit and sat in a lot of planes. I stretched and exercised, and continued to have lower back pain.

I came to see Dr. Purtiman about 6 months ago, and he’s put me on a good regimen of core exercises and conditioning in addition to adjustments. I’m happy to say that things have improved greatly and I’m looking forward to a successful recovery.


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