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Maintaining a Healthy Heart with your ChiropractorHeart Health

Maintaining heart health is a choreographed dance between diet and exercise. There are many foods that are considered “heart healthy” that can offer many health benefits. For example, fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts can provide the omega 3 acids our bodies need. A diet high in these acids can help prevent arteries from becoming clogged, and can reduce cholesterol levels and inflammation. Fish are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, specifically salmon, halibut, mackerel, rainbow trout, tuna, sardines, and herring.

Eating the right foods can help to maintain a healthy heartOther foods that provide anti-inflammatory benefits include berries, spinach, kale, and broccoli. A diet rich in these foods can help to cut inflammation and can assist in keeping balanced blood sugar levels.

In addition to plant-based foods, nuts are especially helpful in a few areas. Not only do they provide protein, they can lower the risk of coronary artery disease in post-menopausal women, and in men, they can help to reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death and death from coronary heart disease. Beans, such as soybeans and kidney beans, are another great source of protein.

Fish Oils can help keep your heart healthyFor many people, a good diet doesn’t always cut it. It would be ideal to get as much of our necessary nutrients from food, but many of us will need a boost in vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional substances, like fish oil. If you’re not a fan of fish, you’ll still need the omega 3 fatty acids, as they provide benefits that help to keep your heart healthy and strong.

Also important for your heart is coenzyme Q10. It assists in maintaining a healthy heart rhythm, blocks blood clots from developing, and assists in cellular energy production. Lastly, magnesium is important for reducing the risk of arrhythmias. A deficiency in magnesium can boost the risk of hypertension and sudden cardiac death.

Even moderate exercise can help to keep your heart healthy by lowering blood pressure and cholesterolIn addition to what we put in our bodies, exercise cannot be ignored. Aerobic exercise causes your heart to pump more blood, which transports more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. It also reduces cholesterol and lowers high blood pressure, which are both positive things for your heart. Even in moderation, exercise can greatly benefit your heart. Just two hours a week of light exercise was shown to decrease a woman’s risk of a stroke by 30%.

If you have questions about your health, the right level of activity for you, and what your body needs, talk to your doctor. Your chiropractor can help, and go over some appropriate exercises. Give us a call today to talk about your heart health.


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