How to Get Rid of a Headache with Chiropractic Care

Headache Causes and Treatment - How to Get Rid of a HeadacheCan My Chiropractor Help With Headaches?

A common condition people experience is a collection of symptoms referred to as “headaches”. These include migraines, tension headaches, or cluster headaches. Since the brain being irritated does not result in pain, “aching” in the head can only be caused by an irritation in one or a number of the other pain-sensitive tissues, like muscles, nerves, joints, or ligaments. These are all potential sources of head pain.

The most common type of headache is the tension headache. It makes up ~ 90% of all headaches. It is normally described as a tightness and achiness around the head. The cause of these types of headaches is thought to be a tightness in the muscles of the scalp and neck. There are a number of factors that could contribute, including repeated movements, limited movements, even your diet. Most of the time, the headache is not caused by something like a disease or other physical problem.

If you work at a desk, or find yourself not moving a lot during the day, take a few breaks throughout the day to stretch and move around. This can help to relieve muscle fatigue. Ensure you are getting plenty of water, so your body can function properly. Most suggestions are around 8 eight-ounce glasses of water a day. Remain active, eat well, and be mindful of the movements you take throughout the day. If you find yourself clenching your teeth, or slouching in your chair, try to correct the behavior. The first step in doing so is being aware of them.

In addition to some things you can do at home, your chiropractor can also help. She/he can help with adjustments and spinal manipulations, work with their massage therapist, and provide at-home exercises. They can also provide assistance with nutrition, ergonomic adjustments for the workplace, and ways to relax and alleviate stress on the spine and muscles that can contribute to headaches.


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