Chiropractic Care and Fractures: What Can My Chiropractor do to Help?

Chiropractic Care for Fractured Bones

As we age, taking care of our health becomes more of a focus as health issues arise. One major area of focus is the structural support system of our bodies: our bones. Chiropractors are equipped to help maintain a healthy skeletal system, and assist in recovering after a fracture.

With age, our bones can lose density and become more fragile. Older women and men can experience hip, wrist, and upper arm fractures, especially after turning 55. After seeking medical attention for a broken bone, it is vital that people get back into a physical activity routine to ensure their general health does not decline. To help with healing, a chiropractor can assist.

Your chiropractor may use several treatment methods to promote the healing of your injured bone and other tissues during the early and long-term phases of your recovery. These treatments are gentle and designed to aid in recovery. Specific treatment approaches can differ from chiropractor to chiropractor, but a good general chiropractic approach to fracture care involves nutritional counseling and therapeutic taping procedures that can help to reduce swelling and assist in bringing nutrients to your damaged tissues.

It can also include physical therapy modalities that help heal your injuries, in addition to simple exercises that you can perform as soon as possible after the removal of your splint or cast. Your doctor may also perform chiropractic adjustments or soft tissue work in other parts of your body to help you maintain good general joint mobility and promote a high level of health and well-being during your recovery. Chiropractic care and fractures go well together.

If you have questions about healing and how chiropractic care can help, give us call! We’re happy to help and answer any questions.

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